Termite Control

Protect Your Property From Termites

Protect Your Property From Termites

Turn to Carolina Pest Patrol for termite control services in Fountain Inn and Greenville, SC

One of the biggest threats to your property is termites, which can cause irreversible structural damage if left untreated. Termites work silently and invisibly, burrowing in your floor joists, walls and woodwork and hiding the damage until it's too late.

Carolina Pest Patrol provides termite control services at both residential and commercial properties throughout Greenville and Fountain Inn, SC. Our certified technicians will inspect your property, determine a customized treatment plan and work to prevent further termite damage.

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Do you know what's in your home?

South Carolina home and business owners typically deal with a mixture of termite species, and often times it is difficult to tell the difference between those tiny wood-burrowing pests.

The three types of termites you may face at your home or office are:

1. Drywood - As stated in the name, drywood termites burrow into drywood like the frame of your walls, floor joists and attic space. These termites are often invisible, but are still highly-destructive.
2. Subterranean - By far the most destructive termite, but they are the easiest to spot. Subterranean termites live in the soil around your property and build dirt tunnels that lead to and from your wooden structures.
3. Formosan - Formosan termites are also known as super termites. They typically prefer damp spaces and can chew through wooden walls, flooring and wall paper without you even noticing.

If you're in need of residential or commercial termite removal, trust the expert termite control services at Carolina Pest Patrol in Fountain Inn, SC.