At Carolina Pest Patrol, we give you complete and full service to get rid of those pests for you!

At Carolina Pest Patrol, we give you complete and full service to get rid of those pests for you!

And we pride ourselves in doing it at the best prices, and in the most convenient, damage-free, and professional way possible.

Our services include pest control for emergency situations, year-round management, and residential and commercial pest control services. We also provide termite soil treatments for pre-construction, and aid in real estate closings by providing CL-100 termite letters.

If you're in Greenville SC, Anderson SC, or Spartanburg SC, we're here to serve and protect your property! You can fully depend on us to give you top-notch service every single time, and a service that is personalized and catered to you. Our professionals are courteous and dependable. We understand your home or commercial property is among your greatest investments, so we aim to protect it.

Carolina Pest Patrol is family owned and operated, so we take protecting your home or place of business to heart.

Give us a call today. Let Carolina Pest Patrol go to work for you!

Here are some additional reasons why you should consider us for as your preferred exterminators in the Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson area:

1) We want to help remove your animal or insect problem as quickly as possible. We realize that once you realize that there is a problem that you may feel a combination of inconvenience, fear, and needing to protect loved ones like your children from being harmed. Carolina Pest Patrol understands those intense emotions, so we are trained to remove the problem as quickly as possible.

2) You want any exterminators to remove the problem. We also will go over with you our recommended strategies to reduce the chances that the problem will happen again. Even though no one can control the actions of insects, there are certain actions which can be taken to increase the odds that your home or commercial property will be free from such invasion. Different strategies are required for problems which took place inside your home or building versus those occurring outside. Please contact us with your specific situation so that we can guide you accordingly after the initial problem has been resolved.

3) We are trained to know how to use safety equipment, tools for removing (and disposing of) insects and any chemicals required. Most homeowners and commercial property owners are not trained as exterminators, so we want you to be safe from all aspects of pest control - not just the insects themselves. Please contact us about any specific needs you have so that we can customize a plan for your situation.