Roaches in or around your home in Greenville & Fountain Inn, SC are... awful!

There is nothing more unsanitary offensive, and embarrassing than roaches at your dinner party! And if you are a business owner, the consequences of a customer finding roaches at your place of business could mean the loss of that customer and all their friends and family!

Worse, if you see one roach, there are probably hundreds... if not thousands more in its family. At the first sighting of a roach, stop what you are doing and call us here at Carolina Pest Patrol.

Roaches can cause significant concerns, both for homeowners as well as commercial properties. Regarding the latter, there are health code implications which dramatically impact your business. If you see a bunch of roaches then you risk having a larger problem as they tend to live in large populations, usually in unseen areas of a building where they can be supported with enough food and water. Not addressing a roach problem also can cause other concerns which may affect your structure and could be indicative of water-based problems such as plumbing leaks.

The risks of not addressing roach problems also include the increased odds of spreading disease and other problems. Their tendency to reproduce in large numbers fairly quickly can increase the chances of turning a small problem into a costly one. Other impacts include a possible drop in property value if not addressed at the time of a home inspection, a negative stigma from neighbors, and reduced enjoyment of your property.
We are experts at eradicating roaches and restoring your home or business back to its original, healthy, glory. We have the know-how to help address typical cockroach issues, so be sure to call us with your specific situation.

Call us at Carolina Pest Patrol right now to resolve your roach problem right away.