Your business in Greenville, Spartanburg or Anderson needs to have its buildings remain solid for a long time- even if you should be getting ready to sell them. You may not even realize that a termite problem is happening until it is too late and the damage is significant.  Carolina Pest Patrol can remove and protect your buildings from these pests.

Our professionally trained technicians are ready to talk to you about termite protection and give you a free estimate. We can help your commercial property no matter whether it is a hospital, school, factory, storage or warehousing location, office building or any other type of commercial real estate.  Our company will provide your structure with help detecting termites, removing them and preventing them from returning.  Our services are licensed, insured, and guaranteed.

Unlike your home, termites may affect your commercial property in different ways than you may realize. The termites could cause problems not only in your property but possibly impact adjoining buildings which are owned or controlled by other parties.  You also risk having termites end up accidentally in the clothing or property of your employees, executives, customers or staff.  The termites then could be transported, without anyone’s knowledge, to other people’s homes.  The impact of that can be significant, so you will want to minimize the risk of termites on your commercial property.

Contact us today with your questions about your specific property so that we can assist you with all aspects of commercial termite control.  Our pest control professionals provide you with the efficient service your business needs to continue to operate as usual. You can prevent termite damage to your business.

Please contact us today for a free consultation for your building or other commercial property.  We look forward to discussing your specific situation with you as we are experienced in dealing with termites in the region.

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