Your home is one of your largest investments. Termites have the capacity to ruin your investment very quickly. In some cases, it is quite possible that you will never know that termites are there until major the damage has already been done.

Carolina Pest Patrol guarantees the protection of your home from termites. Our Pest Management Professionals are prepared to inspect, treat, and rid your home of current infestations and prevent their return for years
to come.

Our pest control services also provide pre-construction termite treatments. This keeps termites away for years and enables you to have the peace of mind you need.

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Here is some more information on termite control:

1)  Check to see if there was termite prevention treatment when your home’s foundation was set.  You may find indication of this in the records which came with your house.  You also may find a sticker somewhere on your property like the electric box (this, of course, may vary).  You also can call us to ask for help on how to start checking the official records regarding your property.

2)  Spend a few minutes to know the habits of termites.  You likely will want to talk with us about your particular home’s structure and landscaping.  You will want to do what you can to prevent moisture from affecting your foundation as well as any exposed wood.  This could involve sloping/grading, double-checking your gutters and how they redirect water away from your home, and more.  Also, talk with a plumber to fix leaks since termites love moist wood.  You also want to reduce moisture around your pipes in order to reduce the odds of termites accessing your home through piping.

3)  From there, consider removing any forms of wood that are outside your home from touching your actual house.  It is possible that termites could be infesting a wood pile or an old fence, so you don’t want either to be actually touching your home.  This would give termites easy access to your home from where they were living outside.  You want to contain the problem as much as you can as a bad termite situation can be costly to fix.  Keeping the situation contained where it is manageable will reduce your downtime and overall costs.

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