Carolina Pest Patrol will use a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments which will provide you with quick control of your pests so that your home can be pest free!

We are a licensed and insured pest management company, and we make sure that all of our management and service personnel stay informed regarding the latest techniques through state mandated education courses.

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Here are some more reasons to consider hiring a residential pest control service.

Benefits Of A Pest Control Service

You might consider why you need a pest control service since there are various varieties of pest control products obtainable in nearby stores.  This is a good thing to ask!

Here are just a few of the top reasons to weigh when requesting help from a pest control service:

To start, you simply may not have enough time to do the pest removal yourself if you live trained.  Quality, a reputable pest control company could help you save a lot of time if it is efficient and is adept at handling your specific situation.

Second, you reduce your risk of getting hurt.  If you don’t know a few of the more advanced details of bug elimination for your area you might get harmed in some way.  Such ways could include animal bites, being sprayed by animals (such as a skunk), being attacked by an animal or swarm of insects protecting a nest, and more.  Additionally, you want to protect children and your pets from getting harmed.  Since they are not able to defend themselves properly, calling a pest control service can help you get rid of a situation that otherwise could impact your loved ones for a long time.

Professional pest control companies also know how to address difficult situations.  If you’ve got a rodent living in your attic then it might be difficult to get to the exact area, let alone removing the animal.  We are experienced in working with the difficult to access areas in most homes as well as the hard-to-reach places in your yard and on your property.

We also know the regulations when it comes to disposing a live animal as well as one requiring extermination.  The same applies to insects.  Chances are that you don’t want to handle either type of unwanted animal/insect which has caused problems at your residence.  Carolina Pest Patrol can do this for you so that you don’t have to.

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