If you’re having bee or wasp problems on or near your Greenville, Anderson, or Spartanburg, SC home or place of business, pay extra close attention…

Do not wait until you’re stung! It will be the least of your problems. If you find or suspect there’s a bee or wasp hive around your property, reach out to us right away.

You will especially want to have us exterminate those wasps and/or bees on your property* if you know that someone on your property is at risk of allergic reactions to bee or wasp stings. In some cases, the severity of a bee or wasp sting is significant, so be certain and call us to address the issue before it becomes a major problem.
Additionally, you don’t want friends and family to be impacted by the presence of bees or wasps.

Even if they are not allergic to either one, you want to be able to enjoy your home and yard for activities with your friends and family. Bees and wasps usually drive people inside so you risk losing out on an enjoyable time outside with those people you enjoy. Be sure to contact us so that we can help you remove bees* and wasps quickly and efficiently.

At Carolina Pest Patrol, we’re highly effective in getting rid of those bees and wasps so you can enjoy stepping out on your backyard, patio, or lawn and not have to fear anything. We’re fully equipped and trained to remove those pesky (and potentially dangerous) things without causing damage to your property.

Rest assured, we put safety first!

When you choose us, you’ll get the absolute best prices on the market for the service. And you’ll find it very easy and convenient to schedule an appointment with us. You can fully rely on Carolina Pest Patrol.

So don’t let those bees or wasps invade your territory. Contact us today and put us on your side to fight back.

*Honey Bees, by law, cannot be exterminated.  For honey bees, a beekeeper must be contacted.